Not Another Saw Movie… Game

by: “Tiger” Oliver

I know I’m on hiatus for awhile, but as soon as I saw this on G4, I knew I would have to vent or else I’d eventually have to answer to the Stillwater Police Department why I entered the both Hastings and Blockbuster with a 20 lb. sledgehammer later on this year.

If you didn’t check out my brief review on Saw: The Video Game, check it out here. But, if you want to save time, here’s how it was: IT SUCKED!!!

I forgot if I was watching either Ninja Warrior or X-Play, but I ended up seeing a trailer for one of those games you knew they shouldn’t have created, especially since the first one sucked so hard.

Yes, it’s official, Saw II is slated for release in Fall of this year.

Gamersutra had this to report on the matter:

“The original SAW video game gave horror fans and gamers a new outlet to advance their favorite genre, but left them wanting more,” commented Martin Schneider, European Marketing & PR Director, Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. “SAW 2 will give it to them, but be careful for what you wish for! Our successful partnership with Lionsgate allows us to advance the survival horror genre, giving players the most intense look into the SAW universe ever.”

I’ll give it to Konomi, the game did leave us wanting more… an actual, playable video game that doesn’t control like a bad PlayStation One budget title I can pick up for $1 US in some alley behind a Bangkok plastic surgeon’s office/massage parlor/road-side eatery.

Look, the Saw series may have sold out to Lionsgate and gotten progressively crappier over the years (in my opinion), but let’s at least leave the cinematic horror as that: in the movies.


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