The 32X gets a soundtrack

By Hans Wuerflein

It gets a lot of crap, but I always liked the 32X add on for the Sega Genesis.  It had several great exclusives like Shadow Squadron and Kolibri, and although it turned out to be a rip off at the time, it’s pretty cheap now.

Well it turns out Sega still has something of a soft spot in their heart for the failed system, as they are releasing a soundtrack album to commemorate its 15th anniversary.

Most of the tracks come from games that weren’t exclusives, but they are apparently ripped from the games themselves, so that’s pretty cool.

It’s a bit pricey at $40, which could probably get you a 32X and a couple games instead, and at this point only coming out in Japan, but lets be honest.  This is 2010.  Nothing is only available in Japan.


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