The Boston Herald is a no good tabloid rag

By Hans Wuerflein

Not exactly breaking news there, but they’ve given us yet another example of fear mongering and general asinine coverage of a story.

In an article dealing with the weird story of the professor that shot several colleagues in Alabama last week, they not only suggested, but lead with the idea that her playing Dungeons and Dragons in the ’80’s was somehow to blame.

Their logic behind the claim is that a guy who shot several people in 2000 also used to play D&D.

Wait, what?

I guess you shouldn’t expect much from a publication that has a “News and Opinion” section, but come on.

(Note for non journalism people: It is a HUGE ethical no-no to mix news and editorializing.  It’s one of the reasons why The Daily Oklahoman was called the worst metropolitan newspaper in America a few years back.)

Really though, why is anyone attacking D&D in the year 2010?  Back in the ’80’s you could do the whole ‘rock music and comic books had to go through this too’ thing, but it did happen.  Why would they dig it back up?

The popular fantasy role-playing game has a long history of controversy, with objections raised to its demonic and violent elements. Some experts have cited the D&D backgrounds of people who were later involved in violent crimes, while others say it just a game.


It’s not like no one plays any more or something.  Seriously, have a look.


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