Bioshock 2 PC not getting gamepad support

By Hans Wuerflein

Bioshock 2 developer 2K has answered questions about gamepad support in the PC version of the game with a simple answer: No.

A 2K community manager (read: forum mod) has posted the following:

Hey guys,

I talked to the dev team about controller support for BioShock 2, and I want to let you know that we won’t be adding this into the game in a patch. The decision not to support the controller was not made lightly, and to add it now would take a complete re-envisioning of the UI that the team worked so hard to create.

I’m sorry for those of you who are disappointed, and I want you to know that your comments and concerns have been heard and will be taken in to account when we are planning in the future.



2K has told a small, but vocal, part of the PC gaming community to get bent… and I couldn’t be happier.

Seriously people, complaining about gamepad support for a first person shooter?  That’s like asking why a steakhouse doesn’t have chicken strips listed anywhere but the kids’ menu.

The best thing PC gaming still has going, one of the few things that console games won’t be able to take from us (with any degree of success) is the keyboard and mouse set up for FPS and strategy games.  This should be our rallying cry.  This should be the talking point for our platform.

I’ll admit the Xbox 360 controller is the best console control method I’ve seen for FPS games yet, but I still wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy in a game of Counter Strike.

Plus, there are third party programs out there designed to remap keyboard functions to a gamepad, from back in the day when people were stuck trying to play Street Fighter Alpha with a keyboard. Go find one if you have some weird obsession with the 360 controller.

PC first person shooters should be played with a keyboard and mouse.  End.  Of.  Story.

If you want a gamepad go back to Goldeneye.


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