Viacom tries takesy-backsies

By Hans Wuerflein

I’m trying to come up with a way to sound somewhat neutral and still be interesting on this one, but I just can’t find it.

Gamespot is reporting that media conglomerate Viacom (pictured above) is asking for $150 million back from former Harmonix stock holders.

Harmonix, who developed the first two Guitar Hero games and more recently the Rock Band series.  When they were purchased in 2006, stockholders were promised future payments, which were delivered, based on sales goals of the games, which Harmonix apparently met.

Now, Viacom is asking for those bonuses back because the instrument bundle versions haven’t continued to sell as well.

One, you made a questionable investment and it didn’t quite pay off as well as you hoped.  You don’t just get to ask for your money back.

Two, the games are selling great.  How many plastic guitars did they expect to sell exactly?  I’ve got like three extra’s sitting around, and I’m way above average.  Most people had that taken care of over a year ago and are just doing discs and DLC now.  Stick with what sells.


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