Is EA dropping out?

By Hans Wuerflein

It’s starting to look like last November’s release of NCAA Basketball 10 will go down as the last entry in the series.

EA fiscal reports showing the company’s upcoming releases are missing any mention of a future NCAA basketball title, but include other annual sports franchises and other planned releases like the revival of NBA Jam.

Several issues with the series support the cancellation rumors.  The development team behind it was reassigned to working on the NBA Live series, lawsuits by former players saying their likenesses were used without their permission, and EA wanting to cut unprofitable titles.

Since its release in November, the combined sales of NCAA Basketball 10 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are just slightly over 370,000 copies.  At $60 a copy that comes out to $22 million.  Doesn’t sound too bad.  But when you take out retail mark-up, marketing, distribution, and all the licensing fees paid out to conferences it’s hard to imagine there even being enough left to cover development costs.

Blake Griffin just can’t catch a break can he?  He gets drafted by the Clippers, tears up his knee before he even plays a regular season game, and now it looks like he’s the cover athlete for the game so underwhelming that it ended a franchise that had run for 13 years.


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