Time Trial – Tetris

by: “Tiger” Oliver

I spent all of the ice storm from the time I woke up until the time I passed out trying to get a decent speed run in.

Let me tell you all something: it’s harder than hell to do one when you’re actually trying hard – or in my case, way too hard.

So, I decided on Feb. 1 to take a break from the speed runs and give plasma. What was supposed to be a 30-minute wait maximum turned into two hours after they marked my name out after someone no-showed. Which, by the way, the Stillwater Plasma Center never does this, they run an extremely tight ship when it comes to scheduling and I’d recommend them to anyone wanting a cool $35 a week for being plugged into the Matrix for an hour.

That did give me enough time to bust out the old cell phone and play the most-popular mobile phone game of all time – EA’s centuple-platinum port of Tetris .

After playing the original “Marathon” mode for awhile, I decided to give the “40 Line” a try. The rules were simple: complete 40 lines as quickly as possible, my target being three minutes. Thanks to my strategy of thinking ahead and dripping the pieces fast, that target time fell within a half hour.

Right before they finally called me up, I gave it one last run. The first ten lines fell around :45, including a tetris (four lines eliminated at the same time). Another forty-five seconds and two tetrads later, I had only fifteen lines left to go.

At the 2:00 mark, I was down to the final ten; with a virtually clean playing field, I continued my strategy of dropping the pieces as fast as possible. 2:10 rolls around, I have five left.

This is where I make my first mistake, partially blocking a game-winning tetris. I try to play damage control, quickly lining up rows to knock out two lines at 2:20. This allows me to set up another line atop the already-primed tetris rows. I then take an “L” block, flip it flat-side-up and hit a triple to finish and blast away my previous record time of 3:00 and personal best of 2:58.

Final Time: 2:34

Before I went to give plasma, I tried like all get-out to break 2:30, but I couldn’t even break 2:45 after that attempt. I honestly don’t think I will be able to beat that time for another three years.

So, at the end of it all, a substantial bonus for waiting needlessly for two hours and a new record at Tetris. That, my friends, it a good day my any standard.


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