Project Needlemouse Update 2

by: “Tiger” Oliver

Sega’s “Project Needlemouse” blog is celebrating Hedgehog Week (seeing as yesterday was Groundhog Day) in a big way.

People have been submitting concept art for classic enemies that “hopefully” will make it into the new Sonic the Hedgehog game. Sega has also released a flash video containing a few seconds of actual in-game music as well as more concept art from the first level of the still-unnamed game.

However, tomorrow’s the day everyone’s been waiting for.

Tomorrow, Sega will release the official name of “Project Needlemouse”, as well as “an extra Bonus…”.

As I stated before, this is make or break time for Sega and the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. If tomorrow’s news is as disappointing as Apple’s demo of the iPad, they might as well take the franchise behind the proverbial barn and put buck shot in it’s cranium.

Personally, I’m praying they won’t somehow squeeze Tails and Knuckles into the game, even after all the hype of this being the first “Sonic only” Sonic game since the original came out on the Sega Genesis in 1991.

Stay tuned for more Project Needlemouse news.


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