And GOG’s big announcement is…

By Hans Wuerflein


Wait, what?!  Activision doing something that doesn’t involve screwing their customers?

Yup, Activision’s back catalog (which now also includes Sierra’s games due to being bought out) will gradually be added to, reasonably priced and DRM free.

The first two up are the classic Troika developed RPG Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and the first game in the Gabriel Knight point and click adventure series, Sins of the Fathers for $5.99 each.

GOG has said they will announce more games in the coming weeks and declared February the month of Activision.

Here are (relatively good) lists of the games published by Activision and Sierra so you can start your angry “Why haven’t you released ?!X” threads on their forums.  I’m sure they’ll love that.


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