It’s like Lost, but it’ll actually pay off soon

By Hans Wuerflein will be making a big announcement Thursday morning, but no one knows what it could be.

Guesses on the forums are ranging from Baldur’s Gate to Deus Ex to half of the Lucas Arts catalog.

People have been digging up six month old interviews, counting the number of stars in the countdown image and comparing that number to the alphabet, looking for some sort of secret code (seriously), and general wild speculation.

Then of course there are people predicting Daikatana.

What do you think it could be?

P.S. – Myst, Riven, and The Manhole are 25% off this weekend if you’ve been wanting to give any of those another play-through lately.

UPDATE: Based on new clues, many are predicting the Troika catalog, all three games of it.  Really good stuff though, if true.

UPDATE 2: Ok, now we’re back to suggestions of EA, Activision/Blizzard, Lucasarts, and the yet to be released third season of Sam & Max.  *sigh*


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