“You remember the other day when you asked me what the definition of irony was?”

By Hans Wuerflein

Tampa Bay Online is reporting that a 30 year old man was arrested and charged with grand theft auto, along with various other charges involving the word “possession”.

Polk County Florida Sheriff’s deputies were able to break up the man’s cunning scheme by noticing the stolen SUV parked in front of his house.

When the deputies entered the house to inquire why there was a stolen vehicle parked in front of the man’s house with a broken steering column, missing ignition switch, and a ski mask, screwdrivers and pliers on the floorboard, they found him inside playing Grand Theft Auto III.

At some point during the whole getting arrested thing, authorities asked him what he thought of GTA III.

“It’s a blast,” he said.

The authorities took a less humorous tone when addressing the situation.

“Crime is not a game,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “Real-life crime has real-life consequences – and I hope he goes to prison for a good long while, where they don’t have ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video games.”

Note to self: If doing something illegal, don’t do anything that could be seen as ironic if arrested while doing it for at least a week.

Note to self 2: Don’t park stolen cars in front of your house.


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