And you though Starcraft was serious business

By Hans Wuerflein

The Korea Times has reported that the South Korean Supreme Court made a ruling Sunday that would legalize the sale of virtual world currencies for real world cash.

The practice, known more by the name “gold farming” in the U.S., had previously been illegal in Korea.

The case centered on two men who made 20 million won, about $17,700, by selling “Aden”, the currency of the MMORPG Lineage.  A Korean law at the time prevented such practices, and the two received fines.  On appeal, the ruling was overturned, and prosecutors then appealed their side to the county’s Supreme Court.

In both the appellate and Supreme Court rulings, it was noted that the law was aimed more at gambling practices, and since the currency in Lineage was gained through time and skill as opposed to luck, its sale was fine.

The article features mixed reactions, with parents and anti-gambling groups viewing it in a negative light, but at least one person, besides the two who are off the hook, thinks this will be beneficial to Korea.

“The ruling has brightened the future of the Korean game market,” said Prof. Chung Hae-sang at Dankuk University. “So far, the industry’s growth has been interrupted by tough regulations.”

Thanks to Game Politics for the tip.


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