Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom

by – “Tiger” Oliver

As long as there’s been Flash movies, there’s been Flash cartoons made with video game sprites. Some of these cartoons are good, most suck worse than a 50-year old vaccuum.

However, once every blue moon, a Flash cartoon comes along that’s so amazing, epic doesn’t even begin to describe how kickass it is.

VGDC’s Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom is just such an example.

Randy Solem, the creater of Video Game Director’s Cuts, spent a year and a half perfecting his flagship quadrilogy, Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom. Considering the amount of detail he put in every scene and how much it improved from movie to movie, it’s quite an amazing feat.

While I won’t post the storyline, I will say that it’s gripping and keeps you hooked. Heck, when I watched it back in high school, I had my entire Ag class (which was full of jocks and country boys who were far from my geekiness) bugging me for weeks on end, asking “Hey, man, when’s the next movie coming out?!”

I won’t post the YouTube videos (if they exist), but I did provide the link to the Web site, because to enjoy it fully, you should watch it either on or downloaded from the main site.

Nintendo, pay heed to these movies, this would make one hell of a video game. Or, at least a better Super Mario Bros. movie.


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