Hans’s even better (early) 2010 game list

By Hans Wuerflein

Today the print edition of the O’Colly ran a story by Features Editor Hayes Martin about some of the most looked forward to games coming out this year.  Overall a solid article, but I did have a couple minor complaints.  Is Bioshock 2 really an RPG?  It’s mainly FPS with some RPG elements thrown in.  But I digress.

My biggest complaint, and the reason I’m writing this, is that several of the games don’t have concrete release dates yet, probably won’t be released until well after this semester, and one of them doesn’t even have an official title yet.

So here is my expanded list of hot new games coming out by the beginning of May.

Let’s start with a game that just came out actually, Bayonetta.  The titular (no pun intended) heroine could become an iconic figure in gaming, and the game has received critical acclaim, including a 40/40 for the Xbox 360 version from long running Japanese gaming magazine Famistu (even if that means less than it once did).

Also, several big name sequels coming out in the next few weeks were left off the list.  Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and perhaps most shocking, Final Fantasy XIII somehow didn’t make the cut.  Splinter Cell seems to have been flying under the radar lately (at least it has for me), but how do you leave off the other two.  Gamestop has been running ads around the clock for preorders for Mass Effect 2.  What 18-29 year old male doesn’t know about this game?  And Final Fantasy XIII is, well, Final Fantasy XIII.  This game is 190 proof, fuel-grade hype.  The advertising machine hasn’t rolled out yet, but this game will become unavoidable in several weeks.

Fighting game fans saw two snubs, with Super Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom not making the list.  Well, maybe that second one is understandable because there might be 20 people in America who know who half of Tatsunoko’s roster is.  Gathcaman and Karas aren’t exactly A-list IPs over here.

Super Street Fighter 4 is looking like a sure thing though.  More characters, stages, and the return of the car bash mini game make it a day one pick up for me.

Plus, there’s always this:

Plus, where are the PS3’s newest supposed saviors, God of War 3 and Heavy Rain?  Or the PC’s biggest hitters (with release dates anyway) Star Trek Online and Command & Conquer 4?  They may not be wow, but they’re kind of a big deal.

But by far the most glaring omission has to be that of the guaranteed 2010 game of the year: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

It’s Pokemon Gold an Silver redone for the DS!  You’ll finally be able to catch ’em all again!


Anyway, I’m glad to see gaming getting coverage in the O’Colly, I just wish it went a little deeper.


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