Gears of War 2 In 3D. What Has Science Done?!

3D movies have come back into fashion as of late. Now, it seems that television – and maybe video games – is soon to follow.

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, many television manufacturers are debuting this year’s line of 3D HDTV’s, including Panasonic’s 152″ 3D plasma. Yes, I said that right, a 152 inch plasma screen HDTV. I’ll give you a moment to imagine that on your living room wall, or better yet, as your living room wall.

While checking out CES 2010, G4TV’s Patrick Klepek witnessed quite an interesting event: Gears of War 2 being played on one of Samsung’s 3D televisions.

Here’s a link to the blog: Gears Of War 2 Hands-On… In 3D!

This shot at 3D television is something every gamer should keep an eye on. To date, virtually no game to date has any sort of three-dimensional capability. However, if this 3D thing kicks off, it’ll be interesting how video games will evolve and how the industry will try and capitalize on this technology.

I mean, seriously, how cool would it be to see Sub-Zero ripping someone’s head and spine out of their body? Or to headshot somebody from five blocks down in a future Modern Warfare? Or to play Dead or Alive Beach Vollyball… well, you get the point.


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