21st Century Benedict Arnold

by – “Tiger” Oliver

After four months, $1500, three motherboards, three CPU’s, 30 liters of Mountain Dew and enough rage to put even The Incredible Hulk  on high alert, I finally have my badass gaming computer built.

So, naturally, I pop in a copy each of Left 4 Dead and Halo: Combat Evolved and install them on my computer so I can get some serious gaming happening.

Now, before I go any further, let me make one thing clear: I am a console gamer. I always have been, I always will be. But, after playing a few games on PC, I’m beginning to feel like a 21st Century Benedict Arnold more and more every day.

The first game I fired up was Left 4 Dead. Now, the console version was excellent, even if the frame rate was a little choppy at times and the graphics were a little bit on the blah side. Compared to the PC, however, it was like a budget PlayStation One reject. Amazing graphics, smooth frame rate and MUCH better controls is making me waiting to get Left 4 Dead 2 feel like a crack addict waiting for his next fix…

…then again, how does that make me any more different from any other gamer?

Right after that and Halo, my friend gave me Borderlands. Did you hear a loud-pitched screech like that of an old television that’s about to go out? Yeah, that was me squealing like a giddy anime schoolgirl.

I’m not quite through it enough to write a review yet (and I don’t think I’ll ever be), but it ranks among the best games I’ve ever played in my entire life. So great, in fact, that I’m afraid to play the console version to ruin it.

Granted, First Person Shooters (or, in Borderlands‘ case, a Role-Playing Shooter) pretty much own the PC, so I tried out Street Fighter IV. Even though the controls were better (albeit, I played Street Fighter Online all through high-school) and the graphics were beautiful, the frame-rate was choppy on the more animated levels (unless I had either another video card or a more powerful one). So, I’d strike a point for consoles there.

I hate to say it, but I think since I have a gaming PC now, I’m going to shy away from the console scene for a while…

…nah, just jackin’ ya, I’m going to have no social life now.


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