Spending more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day

By Hans Wuerflein

The ever controversial recruiting tool/game America’s Army has opened its books to show a rather hefty total.

$32.8 million.

Compare that with the original goal of a five-year project running around $7 million.

Gamespot obtained the records through a Freedom of Information Act showing the costs of continued development of the game over the past decade.

Follow the jump to see a bit more of a breakdown on that number.

Here are the year-by-year totals for development costs.


Now, admittedly, the free to play game has received several versions and upgrades, and expanded out to retail console versions, but how do you undershoot by quadruple?

Even if you just add up the first five years of development it comes out to more that $16 million.

Video game development is expensive, but this really is getting into the proverbial and often ridiculed $300 toilet seat level of money management.


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  1. […] Gamespot got docs showing the bill for the America’s Army game is up to $32 million. […]

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