The Blue Bomber is back yet again

By Hans Wuerflein

Mega Man 10 is on its way.

Nintendo Power has previewed the upcoming game, so far only confirming a WiiWare release, but the previous retro-themed entry in the series also appeared on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, so it’s a safe bet the game will make its way to those consoles too.

The game will stick to NES level graphics and sound effects, and the same one-hit-kill spikes and pits that have been frustrating (and challenging) gamers for more than 20 years now.

The Nintendo Power article also reveals Sheep Man, an electric themed robot master that seems to be a reference to Philip K. Dick’s classic Sci Fi work Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which was the basis for the movie Blade Runner.

That, or they’re just out of animals to theme bosses after now that they’ve done several dozen of these.


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  1. […] Capcom announced Mega Man 10 for Wii Ware (but many are expecting it to come to XBLA and PSN eventually.) […]

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