What is wrong with South America?

By Hans Wuerflein

First Venezuela proposed and then passed anti-video game legislation.  Now Brazil seems to be getting in on the act.

Brazilian Senator Valdir Raupp, pictured above, has introduced a bill that would ban the “acts of manufacturing, importing, distributing, storing or marketing of videogames offensive to customs or traditions of the people, their cults, creeds, religions and symbols.”

That’s the translation I was able to find anyway.  If anyone can read Portuguese feel free to check out the original info here.

Brazil has apparently banned specific games in the past, such as Carmageddon, Postal, and the Grand Theft Auto games, which is troubling enough, but a wholesale ban on what amounts to anything deemed offensive to any group of people is censorship, plain and simple.

The bill, if passed into law, calls for a penalty of two to five-year prison term and a fine for anyone breaking the law.  Interestingly enough, apparently a leftover from another law dealing with promoting Nazism and the Nazi Party only carries a one to three-year prison term and a fine.

So I guess the lesson here is if you’re going to make an offensive game in Brazil and want off light, make it pro-Nazi.


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