Super Street Fighter 4 Update

By Hans Wuerflein

Capcom has finally announced several more of the “new” characters in Super Street Fighter 4.

They already told us about the return of Dee Jay and T. Hawk and introduced us to Juri, but this time around the new characters will all be familiar to long time series fans.

As you can see above Adon will be included , but hit the jump to find out who else made the cut.

First up we have Guy.  Guy made his debut in the Capcom classic beat-’em-up Final Fight.  I guess when they were looking for “new” characters in the mid-’90s for the Street Fighter Alpha games he was a perfect fit.

Guy is a very mobile fighter without much in the way of projectiles.  He’s more about combos and wall kicks than fireballs.

Next up we have Cody.  Cody is also originally from Final Fight, but underwent a bit of a design change before appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 3.  according to the game’s storyline Cody became a vigilante and was arrested, thus the prison uniform and handcuffs.

Like Guy, he is mainly a physical striker withough much in the way of range.  He does however have the distict ability to pick up a knife off the ground, a move inspired by his Final Fight origins.

And now back to this post’s cover boy, Adon.  Dating all the way back to the original Street Fighter, where he was a disciple of Sagat.  As the screenshots indicate, the two have had something of a falling out since then.  Adon next appeared in the Alpha games.

Although he doesn’t really have any projectile attacks, many of Adon’s specials are still ranged, sending him flying across the screen at his opponent.

Personally, I never spent much time with Guy or Cody, but I really liked Adon back when the first Alpha came out, so depending on how they’ve tweaked him this time around I might have found a replacement for Sagat.

Now all we have to wait for is for Capcom to hurry up and announce the last few “new” characters.


3 Responses to “Super Street Fighter 4 Update”

  1. As unlikely as it is, I’m seriously gunning for Elena from Street Fighter 3 to be announced. Her or Yun & Yang.

  2. The rumor on the new character is an Arab oil baron/wrestler that, based on Balrog’s voice over, will bring down great jihad on us all.

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