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Huge Steam Holiday sale

December 26, 2009

By Hans Wuerflein See, I don’t just plug GOG.  Steam, which some of you might know already because you have to use it to get any of Valve’s stuff installed in the first place, is having a HUGE sale. Some highlights: Torchlight for $5 LucasArts Adventure pack (Loom, The Dig, and the first two Indiana […]

Mind the gap…

December 22, 2009

By Hans Wuerflein As some of you might have expected, posts might drop off a bit over the next few days.  Hey, it’s the holidays. I’ll still try to post something, but I’ll be stuck doing it from dial-up on a computer built in 1998 at my parents’ house, so don’t expect much. On the […]


December 21, 2009

By Hans Wuerflein Ok, let’s say, somehow, the offer of multiple free games wasn’t a good enough reason for you to check out  Maybe you just thought it was too good to be true. How does a ultra-mega sale to end all sales sound then? Until January 3 almost every game on the site […]

Organization critical of gaming to shut doors

December 20, 2009

By Hans Wuerflein One of the most prominent, but usually reasonable critics of the video game industry will shut its doors for good next week. The National Institute on Media & the Family, most famous for their annual “report cards” on the industry, is the latest victim of our current, less than sunny economic climate. […]

Merry GOGmas everyone!

December 17, 2009

By Hans Wuerflein It’s the holiday season and Good Old Games is getting in the spirit. Until December 24, anyone with an account on GOG (and yes, new sign ups count) can download the first two games in the Tex Murphy series for the low, low price of free. Also they have announced that for […]