Holiday gaming shopping recommendations

By Hans Wuerflein

(Author’s note: This ran in the O’Colly today, but I thought our readers here might want to take a look in case they didn’t pick up today’s issue.)

Whether you’re done with “Modern Warfare 2” and looking for something to do instead of studying or just curious what the best games are to give or receive this holiday season, sorting through the hype to find the truly great games can be a daunting task.
Here are a few recommendations to make your holiday shopping easier.

Nintendo Wii

Wii owners have plenty to be thankful for this year thanks to “New Super Mario Bros. Wii.” Taking many of its cues from the classic “Super Mario Bros. 3” on the NES, this new adventure adds four-player co-op multiplayer. The difficulty and challenge of the older games has also made a return.

A word of warning though: Do not play this game with someone if your relationship is on shaky ground. Fights will break out.

If all four players are on screen at the same time, you will accidentally knock each other off cliffs and into enemies several times a level. It can help you build teamwork, but it could also lead to black eyes.
Playstation 3

For the Playstation 3 gamer in your life, I can’t think of a better game this year than “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.” This sequel to 2007’s excellent “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” ups the ante in almost every department.

This third-person action-adventure game features some of the most incredible cinematic moments in gaming. The excellent voice acting adds to the experience and makes it seem even more like you are playing a big-budget action movie.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS received one of the most innovative games in recent memory earlier this year in the form of “Scribblenauts.”  This puzzle-platformer lets players find their way through the game by summoning just about anything they can think of by typing the word into an on screen keypad. Seriously, the dictionary the game draws these objects from has more than 20,000 words.

In one level, I once saw someone summon God, Albert Einstein, a grappling hook and the Kraken. It didn’t accomplish a whole lot, but the point is that the sky is the limit.

Xbox 360 and PC

Xbox 360 and PC owners who have been looking for a way to play out their own version of “Zombieland” should check out “Left 4 Dead 2.” This time around the game follows a group of four survivors making their way through the South in an attempt to find one of the last sanctuaries from the zombie apocalypse.

Developer Valve did more than just change the setting though. New special, infected­ — better known as mutated — super zombies add some new challenges and the option to fight through with melee weapons like the chainsaw or “Shaun of the Dead”-inspired cricket bat add strategy.

More recommendations to come later this week.


2 Responses to “Holiday gaming shopping recommendations”

  1. You better be glad I like you, Hans, because we about had some words about the fifth time you used my head as a spring board to get over the lava pit while I fell to a painful, fiery death.

    Good use of a Saturday night, though, I must say 😉

  2. […] has received so far, so really I’d recommend it before Demon’s Souls anyway.  In fact, I already did. Left 4 Dead 2 Teamwork is an essential component of this super-gory shooter, but violence — […]

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