Grand Theft Mario?

By Hans Wuerflein

I guess the Mushroom Kingdom’s economy is in the crapper too.

Mario and Luigi (OK, fine, two guys dressed as Mario and Luigi) allegedly beat up and robbed a cab driver in New York City.

“Mario” “Luigi” and two other men were riding in a cab on Halloween.  According to a police source, the driver felt one of the men reach into his pocket.  Shortly thereafter the driver stopped and asked the men to pay and get out.

According to police, the men dressed as Mario and Luigi proceeded to beat and rob the driver while one of the other men, dressed in a tuxedo, kept watch.  All four fled the scene.

I was thinking of throwing in some crappy joke along the lines of “”Mario” jonesing for some ‘shrooms” but really, these guys are just douchebags.


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