Classic Game Review – Adventures of LoLo

(Exclusively for NES, available on Wii Virtual Console)

by – “Tiger” Oliver

Do you have one of those games that brings back memories of your youth? I’m talking about memories from WAY back in the day, like even amongst your very first memories.

For me, one of those games is Adventures of Lolo.

But, don’t let the cute boxart fool you, this game will make your brain melt down.

Adventures of Lolo was released in 1989 by HAL Laboratory,Inc., the thinktank behind everyone’s cute, gluttenous pink puffball: Kirby. In fact, LoLo (and his female counterpart, LaLa) were recast in the Kirby’s Dreamland franchise as Lololo and Lalala.

Essentially, the game’s storyline is as such: an evil king/wizard dude kidnaps Lala and takes her away to a seemingly small castle that (somehow) has over 50 floors. Lolo, being the kind of blue sphere he is, goes off to rescue his beloved girl blob.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s all that there needs to be.

The gameplay is surprisingly simple. You go around the level collecting the heart-shapedtiles. Once all of them are collected, collect the gem inside the treasure chest to kill all enemies on the stage and proceed to either the next room or the next floor.

Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

There are enemies and obstacles in your way: worms that block anyone’s path, skulls that will attack when the treasure chest is open, ninja monsters that will shank you when you’re in their line of vision and medusa heads that will bust a cap in your undefined rear if you move in front of them. Not to mention blocks that you must move a certain way or face being trapped, water to cross and a level design that would make David Bowie’s Labyrinth look as difficult as a first grade spelling test.

But, don’t worry, if you get stuck in a level, just hit select and Lolo will commit graceful seppuku, allowing you to restart the level – one life lighter, of course.

You do have some weapons in your arsenal. Some heart containers give you special shots that can entrap an enemy in a shell. You can either shoot them again to bounce them off the stage, slip past them as they’re incapacitated or move them to either block another enemy or to ride them in the water.

Plus, in case you have to have a break from the insanity, there is a password system so you can pick up where you left off later.

With 50 levels of mind-numbing puzzles, Adventures of Lolo is a great addition to anyone’s game collection: NES or Virtual Console. It’s simplistic; but, his game proves that, sometimes, simplicity is better than flashy graphics and sweet music.


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