Cops busted playing Wii during raid receive slap on the wrist

By Hans Wuerflein

As you might have heard a few months ago (or if not, the above video should bring you up to speed) a group of law enforcement officials led by Polk County Florida Sheriff’s deputies took a break during a drug raid to play some Wii Sports on a Wii in the suspects residence.

The department was understandably outraged…six months after it happened when a local TV station got a hold of the tape and it started receiving national media attention.

Well, it seems like their punishment is following suit.

Lakeland, FL newspaper The Ledger is reporting that the officers involved are receiving fairly minor punishments following the department’s investigation.

“The undercover detectives received a letter of retraining and are required to complete two hours of retraining. Supervising sergeants involved in the incident got a letter of guidance and four hours of retraining.”

Sounds a bit light, but I’m curious how much of that retraining will be writing “I will not play video games during a drug raid.” over and over again on a chalk board.


2 Responses to “Cops busted playing Wii during raid receive slap on the wrist”

  1. Sometimes you just gotta play some Wii Bowling…

  2. Ha ha ha, very nice, very nice 🙂

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