Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

(Playstation 3 & XBox 360 – Reviewed on XBox 360)

by – “Tiger” Oliver

Beautiful HD graphics
Excellent update to an already timeless soundtrack
Everything that was good about
Super Street Fighter II is back

The updates to the new HD arcade mode can be a bit confusing to veterans
The controls aren’t smoothed out from the arcades or SNES ports
Just a audio and graphic rehashing of the same ol’ song and dance

Street Fighter II: the game with seemingly as many updates as are James Bond movies. Seventeen years later, they released yet another update for the PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

After playing this game for well over a week and a half, it was still insanely hard to review this game. No matter what I could say or how I rate it, nothing will give this series justice. It is the granddaddy of all fighting games, so I had to think long and hard about each aspect about this game in comparison to the predecessors.

That being said, here’s the rundown.

Gameplay – 4/5
Classic Street Fighter II. In the arcade mode, you work your way through opponents all the way to M. Bison himself. Arcade mode gives you two styles: Classic mode, which has all the settings for the Super Street Fighter II arcade mode; and HD Remix mode, which offers a few minor tweaks (and allows you to access Akuma easier). These tweaks will throw off veterans of the series, but most won’t even notice or bother.

There’s also a training mode. ‘Nuff said.

Of course, the pride and joy is the multiplayer mode, both local and online. The online mode is decent and (at least in my experience) not many people chose Ryu or Ken. Knowing statistics, though, it was probably an anomaly compared to what most others will probably experience.

Needless to say, all the characters from Super Street Fighter II Turbo are in this game.

Graphics – 4.5/5
All of the sprites have been redrawn in 1080 resolution. And when I mean all the sprites, I mean EVERY SINGLE GRAPHICAL ELEMENT IN THE GAME!

Compare and contrast these sprites of Ken, the first being from the original game, the second from HD Remix:

Sound – 5/5
The songs are beautifully redone for HD Remix, old and new fans alike will enjoy the new music. The character’s grunts and screams have been remastered, so whenever you hear “Hadoken!”, you can bet your calloused thumbs that it’s as updated as the graphics.

The greatest thing about the updated music is the fact that remixers from were commissioned to do the job. For those who don’t know, OC Remix (full name: OverClocked Remix) is a site where remixers remix video game music into brand new tracks or to update them, per-se.

Fans updating music for the epitome of classic fighting games = the ultimate cool move from Capcom.

Controls – 3/5
Classic Street Fighter II controls= 3 punches, 3 kicks and one super move. Everything’s back, unchanged.

Unfortunately, so are the tight controls. This is the one thing that disappoints me most about HD Remix. It’s too hard to pull off some key special moves, even compared to the originals. The graphics and sounds were updated, why not the controls and control timing?

The only thing saving this game from a worse rating: nothing’s changed, thank God. Just get used to the controls again, and it’ll be just like the good ol’ days.

Replay Value – 4/5
If you’re a veteran or old-school gamer like me, you’ll enjoy playing singleplayer mode over and over, honing your skills. Everyone else will love the online multiplayer – if you can get past the lag issues that’s plagued all online gaming outside of PC games.

Overall – 4/5
What else can I say? A great update to an already timeless game. Hopefully the last one, because I don’t know how they can possibly update this any more.

And, sorry kiddies, the only way you’ll be able to play this game is to buy it for the full price, which is less than $20. You could try the trial, but that doesn’t do this game justice. If you’re a Street Fighter fan, regardless of which game or which arc, get this game.


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  1. SF3 is the most awesome series to ever happen to multiplayer gamesreally, if we didn’t have it I know the genre might disappear…Not that I dislike other fighting games, I just think this one is most loved the community most of all.

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