The O’Colly Gamers’ last minute Modern Warfare 2 news round-up!

By Hans Wuerflein


As our sister site Alissa Explains It All has pointed out, tonight (well, 12:01 a.m. technically) is the official release date for one of the  year’s most anticipated titles.

Before you head out to the any of the midnight releases for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 tonight I thought it would be a good idea to bring everyone up to speed release information and several stories that have popped up over the last weeks leading up to the game’s release.

First off, lets talk release parties.

GameStop will officially start its line at 8:00 p.m.  Later in the evening they will go ahead and ring people up at the register, but copies of the game won’t be handed out until after midnight.

Hastings is also hosting an event.  Doors will stay open past the store’s usual 11:00 p.m. closing time for the release.  Once again, the game will not be sold until midnight.  One difference with Hastings though is all used DVDs, video games, CDs and books are 30 percent off from 10:00 p.m. until midnight, so you might want stop by early.

Both Walmart locations will obviously be open, but the Walmart on Perkins is going out of their way to honor the event.  They will have cake and drinks and be giving away goody bags to those lining up for the game’s release.  The festivities will get started at about 11:00 p.m.

Ok, now as I stated earlier, there have been some issues raised with the game, and even though non of them are stopping me from getting it, they are worth noting.

Probably the biggest of these is the infamous “F.A.G.S.” ad that I posted about last week.  Well, I think the best way to sum it up I’ve seen is how Adam Sessler of X-Play and G4 did it on Sessler’s Soapbox last week.

(You’ll just have to follow that link.  Embed isn’t working for G4’s site and it isn’t on YouTube for some reason.)

Next, you have the controversy of not allowing dedicated servers for the PC version of the game.


For those of you not familiar with that terminology, basically since the beginning of online gaming on PCs, really around the mid-’90s, people have been able to set up (or rent) a PC somewhere that just had a server client of a game running, that they had access to controls on settings and maps, that they could either leave open to everyone to join, or keep private.  The new settings will likely remove the ability for custom maps, settings, and mods (arguably the best reason to play the PC version of a game above the others).  It also allowed for a dedicated machine with a good internet connection to manage the game for everyone.

Now, PC gamers will have to put up with the matchmaking systems similar to those on the console versions that are more subject to connection problems with one player dragging the whole game down.

Why Infinity Ward has chosen to do this has yet to be seen, but I can’t say I support them in the least.


And of course you have the controversies of subject matter.  From the trailer several weeks ago you have people questioning showing combat in the Middle East (but movies are fine?) and images of Washington D.C. burning after an attack of some sort.


Now, due to a leaked version that his the net already, there are reports of a scene in which the player sees a terror attack through the eyes of a terrorist (or in this case would it be freedom fighter?) including the possibility of executing civilian hostages.

Also, there is supposedly an option to skip past the scene, but Infinity Ward has been vague about it as they don’t want to release too many details about the story.

Adding even more to this controversial decision was the decision to edit the scene in the German version to prevent the player from having any interaction at all.

I think this is the kind of scene a video game needs.  A huge budget game that doesn’t have to worry about failing, and something controversial, but designed to make gamers think.  Something to show people that, despite the waggle fest that is the Wii, video games aren’t just for kids and should be taken seriously as an artistic medium.

Well, I guess players won’t have long to wait to decide how they feel about these issues themselves as the game launches tonight.

See you online.


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