Pushing play in the Union

By Hans Wuerflein

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Yesterday Best Buy, EA Games and Nintendo brought the Game U College Tour to OSU’s Student Union.

I’m sure plenty of students stopped by to check out the (mostly Wii) games, but what did the O’Colly Gamers think?

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First of all, I’m glad they chose to visit OSU.  Now, I know someone makes a trip with some tour like this almost every year, but a quick look at the schedule will tell you that we were one of only eleven schools with stops on their tour (this time around anyway), so I would really like to thank them for bringing an event like this to Stillwater.

Now, I did have some complaints.

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Really?  A push up contest for a free game?  Do they really not know which side their bread is buttered on?  (As a side note, does anyone actually say that anymore?)

Now, I’ll have to give three of the four competitors (including our own Tiger Oliver!) credit for a good showing, but exercise at a gaming show is like a gay wedding at the Republican National Convention.  What are you trying to do, give us a heart attack?

Congrats to the ROTC guy that won though.  I’m sure he knew he had that one in the bag before it even started.

Also, I know it would be hard to have all the games individual audio going at once, but it really does take away a lot from some of them, especially more atmospheric games like Dead Space: Extraction.


Speaking of which, I don’t at all feel bad about the game’s lackluster sales anymore.  For those that don’t remember, Extraction is an on-rails shooter, as opposed to the original Dead Space’s survival horror gameplay. Anyway, unlike the recent Resident Evil Wii shooters (more on that later) this game is a shaky mess.  It’s a shooter that doesn’t give you the opportunity to shoot.

But the new Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles demo (the full version of which will hit stores at the end of the month) was a solid, arcade style light gun shooter in the vein of House of the Dead.  The levels available retold sections of the Playstation classic Resident Evil 2.  This is what Dead Space: Extraction could have been, and seeing them so close together just served to amplify Extraction’s flaws.

The only non-Wii games on the floor were the recently released Tekken 6, running on both an Xbox 360 and PS3 and Crimecraft, a self-proclaimed Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS), running on some Alienware laptops from Dell.

Tekken looks great and plays like Tekken.  If you need more of a review than that you probably haven’t spent much time with, well, any Sony system.  It’s great to see the game go multi platform though.

Crimecraft, well, it looks like an interesting idea, but it ran like crap.  I’m not sure if it has something to do with the systems it was running on (unlikely) or the internet connection the ten or so demo units seemed to be sharing (actually a good chance of that causing problems) but I just couldn’t stick with it long enough to get a good feel for it.

Other than that, there were sports games.  You already know if you want Madden or not, so I’m not even going to bother reviewing anything, but I will say I was impressed with how well Tiger Woods worked on Wii, even without the motion plus add-on (really, why didn’t they have that out?) and FIFA on the Wii kind of sucked, but that could just be me being mediocre at soccer games in general.

Overall it was a good showing and hopefully OSU gets to see more events like this in the future.


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