Modern Warfare 2 ad draws controversy

By Hans Wuerflein

(EDIT: This keeps getting taken down, but I’ll try to find new copies, so if the link is dead post in the comments and I’ll update this again.)

This weekend a joke ad for Modern Warfare 2 hit developer Infinity Ward’s YouTube account featuring Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels that’s drawing some controversy.

In the ad, digital representation of Hamels reads a faux public service announcement decrying players throwing grenades randomly during multiplayer games in hopes of getting easy kills.  Hamels says random grenades “are for pussies.”

At the end of the ad, it claims to have been provided by the (fictional) group Fight Against Grenade Spam, or F.A.G.S.

The ad has since been pulled from their account but is (as shown above) still readily available around the site.

Really, I think the ad was an attempt to make fun of the homophobic, dickweed 14-year-olds that make up a good chunk of the game’s online players (and the reason I usually play with voice chat muted) and not really a slight at anyone’s sexual orientation, but I see why it was pulled.  Really, who approved this thing?


3 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2 ad draws controversy”

  1. Who approved it? Someone who was awesome, that’s who.

    Seriously, people need to stop getting so butthurt over the lulz.

  2. […] the biggest of these is the infamous “F.A.G.S.” ad that I posted about last week.  Well, I think the best way to sum it up I’ve seen is how Adam Sessler of X-Play and G4 did […]

  3. I watched this at work, so no sound, but I got the gist of it. It wasn’t an official ad, and I’ve definitely seen worse stuff on youtube. Maybe it wasn’t the smartest move professionally, but why is it so “controversial?” It was a digital representation of the guy, no one actually got blown up. And if there’s an outcry over discrimination against gays, why does no one care he calls players who use grenades “pussies?” Isn’t that just as offensive a word, a slang for the female genitalia? Maybe it’s not anymore. I don’t keep track of these things.

    I agree with Brian. People be gettin’ too butthurt over the lulz.

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