Halloween video game sales!

By Hans Wuerflein

Several sites are running Halloween sales on PC games this weekend.


First up is Good Old Games sale on three horror themed games: Waxworks, Obscure, and Personal Nightmare at 30 percent off each.

If you haven’t heard of any of them it might be because Personal Nightmare and Waxworks came out in 1989 and 1992 respecively and Obscure is, well, obscure.  Maybe they should have called it “Successful.” (Sorry, I had to.)

Anyway, all three are actually pretty scary so you might want to at least stop by GOG and check them out.  Even if you aren’t interested in any of these, you should check out GOG if you haven’t already.  It’s a great site, DRM free games, and everything is either $5.99 or $9.99.


Next up is Direct2Drive.  They’re also having a horror themed sale at pretty big discounts, some as low as $5.  Games in the sale include The Witcher, Dead Space, Damnation, Bioshock, The Path, Stubbs the Zombie, Cold Fear, Dowfall, for some reason Far Cry 2, and probably the best deal of the bunch, Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines for $5.

Also, although not listed there, they have Ghostbusters on sale for only $10.

Direct2Drive isn’t quite as cool as GOG, but they have more recent stuff and some great deals, so be sure to check them out.


Lastly I’ll highlight Steam’s weekend deals.  First up we have Stalker: Shadow of Chernoble for $5.  This first person shooter takes place in the near future after a collapse and second explosion of the Chernoble reactor leaves the area even more irradiated.

Second, although not an amazing deal still isn’t bad.  They have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for $24.  It’s one of the greatest games ever made, and Activision has simply refused to give it much of a price drop, so this might be a good time to grab a copy before the sequel comes out in a few weeks.

Lastly, there is a preorder deal going on for the highly anticipated Left 4 Dead 2.  If you preorder you get $5 off (10 percent off), early access to the demo, and an exclusive in game weapon, the baseball bat.  If you were planning to get the game anyway this would be the time to order.


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