Gay games

By Hans Wuerflein

In honor of events this past week both in Washington and Stillwater, I thought it would be good to highlight some sites, articles and other stuff having to do with homosexuality in the world of gaming.

First, I couldn’t do a story like this without mentioning


The site might be best known for their article from a couple years about the 20 Gayest video game characters (and some subsequent follow ups).  It has some great writing and does a good job covering the industry in general, not just focusing on gay issues.

Next is last week’s issue of The Escapist, entitles “Queer Eye for the Gamer Guy.”  Conveniently enough, Flynn Demarco, Editor-in-Chief of Gay Gamer, wrote a Guest Editor’s Note for the issue.


Some of you may know The Escapist more for Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s “Zero Punctuation” reviews of games, but it really is one of the best sites out there for stories that go deeper than ‘OMG new Bayonetta screenshots!!1!’

Finally, there’s the new “Gaymer survey” being conducted by Full Sail University.

They name may raise some eyebrows, but it is a scientific survey intended for gamers, gay, straight or otherwise, to try and gauge the demographics and attitudes within the gaming community, so take a few minutes and help them get the best possible sample for their work.


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