Classic Game Review: Trog!

(Arcade, PC [DOS] and NES)
By: ‘Tiger’ Oliver

By far, one of my favorite games of all time is one you’ve probably never heard of. It’s a 1991 game called Trog! from both Midway (arcade version) and Acclaim (NES & DOS).

To put it in a nutshell, it’s like Pac-Man on ‘shrooms.

Essentially, Trog! plays like a Pac-Man clone of sorts. You and up to three other players in the arcade (but only one additional player on the NES) have to navigate fifty levels, collecting your dino’s colored eggs and getting to the exit before succumbing to the Trog, the cycloptic nemesis for which the game is named. The Trog are a crafty crew, for the further on you get in the game, the smarter the get. The difficulty increases with the addition from simply faster Trogs to the addition of fire traps, wheels that can crush you and Trogs that bounce around on pogo sticks.

Yes, they DID have pogo sticks back in the Stone Age. Trust me.


Now, you have your own weapons of mass extinction at your own disposal. From speed plants that speed your dino up to slow mushrooms which trips you up and causes you to slow down, items that allow you to shoot fire to ice cubes which freeze all enemies on the screen and pineapples which takes your cute, cuddly dino and transforms it into the meanest pixelated Trog-munchin’ T-Rex you’ve ever seen, giving you 10,000 points for each Trog chomped and doubling it with each one for up to 80,000 points. If you chomp a Trog on a pogo stick, you get double points with a possibility for a single Trog being worth 160,000 points a piece.

There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Advanced and Expert. With Easy, you start on level one. On Advanced, you start on level four with a 200,000 point bonus upon completion of your first level. Finally, with Expert, you start on level seven with a 400,000 point bonus. If you complete the game without using a continue, you receive a whopping 15 MILLION POINT bonus. Also, five levels are bonus levels which consist of Trog chomping, gem collecting or Trog smoking.

Sure, this game is good by yourself; however, for the full experience, you have to play this with another person. Sure, the points will be divided and it actually causes you think, but what’s better than playing with somebody else? Beats playing with yourself. And nothing’s worse than playing with yourself on a multiplayer game, especially a challenging game such as this.

If you have an NES and are willing to scrounge around pawn shops and EBay, this is a definite recommendation from yours truly.


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