Another reason you should be glad to live in the US


By Hans Wuerflein

Venezuela is considering a ban on “violent” video games and toys.  A law in Venezuela’s National Assembly would ban the “manufacture, importation, distribution, sales and use of violent video games and bellicose toys.”

Before I get into that though, I just want to point out that I cringed when I read that lead in the story I linked to, but it was the original AP story with some actual reporting in it, and not just another blog post, so it goes up anyway.

OK, back to Venezuela.

Officials are saying this ban is in an effort to combat violent crime in the South American country, and they have a point.  As the story states, Venezuela has a population about the size of Texas, but more than five times as many murders.

This just seems like an attempt by the Venezuelan government attempting to deflect some of the criticism over their failure to effectively combat the country’s problems with crime.

As bad as this assault on freedom of speech is, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Hugo Chavez (pictured above) and his administration have been on a roll recently as far as issuing sweeping bans that have little to do with any actual problem.  They recently banned Coke Zero citing health concerns, but wouldn’t specify which health concerns.

Also, as some of you might have heard, they recently banned the airing of animated show Family Guy, and threatened to fine any broadcaster that does so.  They’re argument for the ban on Family Guy was that in a recent episode Brian started a campaign to legalize marijuana.

So, be glad you live in a country with something as strong as the U.S.’s first amendment.  The worst we get is the Governator trying (and failing) to restrict their sales to minors.


2 Responses to “Another reason you should be glad to live in the US”

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