This Month in Video Game History: September

By – ‘Tiger’ Oliver

Well, it’s the end of September, and we’ve already had one heck of a month in video games. Between Rock Band: The Beatles and recent release of Halo 3: ODST, we’re looking at a milestone month. I believe it’s time to take a look back at some notable September goings on in video game history, beginning all the way back in 1889!

Think I’m crazy? Read on.

AN: All information was found on Wikipedia. If any of this information is off, complain to them.

Sept. 23: Nintendo Co, Ltd. – commonly known simply as Nintendo –  is founded in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi as a playing card company.

Sept. 13: Nintendo releases Super Mario Bros., which sold 10 million copies that year. It was the highest-selling video game of all time until 2008, selling over 40 million copies worldwide.

Sept. 26: Castlevania makes its franchise debut in Japan on the Famicom, the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was awarded seven Guinness World Records for their “Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008”, including “Most Games in an Action Adventure Series”.

Sept. 1: September ’92 starts off with the release of Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Sept. 13: Mortal Kombat is released for home consoles, most notably the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, after being a colossal success in arcades. It was the first fighting game to feature the famous “fatality” finishing move. This innovative concept would spark a huge uproar by the public and Congress and would set in motion the chain of events which would birth the rating of video games, which continues today. This is also the first fighting game to feature a secret character.

Sept. 24:  Myst – a first-person point-and-click adventure/puzzle game – is released for the Macintosh computer. It was the best-selling PC game until The Sims overthrew it in 2002. The fourth and fifth (also the final) installments were released on Sept. 10, 2004 & Sept. 19, 2005, respectively.

Sept. 9: The original Sony Playstation is released in North America for $299. The most famous title available on release: Ridge Racer. By Sept. 2007, a total of 7,981 titles for the Playstation were released. The Playstation officially “died” on March 23, 2006, when Sony announced it would not produce any more consoles.

Sept. 3: Crash Bandicoot is released for the Sony Playstation. Soon, the title character becomes the console mascot.

Sept. 7: Squaresoft releases Final Fantasy VII, revered as the most popular game in the franchise, on the Sony Playstation. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a cinematic “sequel” of sorts, is set after the events of the video game.
Also, a cutscene from the game was remastered and was used in a tech demo to show the graphical capabilities of the Playstation 3, leading the public to believe that Final Fantasy VII would be remastered in HD and be re-released on the PS3.

Sept. 30: Parents cringed in fear of birthdays and Christmas, for Pocket Monsters has invaded North America. Pokemon: Red and Pokemon: Blue is released for the Nintendo Game Boy. Originally, the Pokemon universe contained 151 individual Pokemon (including the rare Mew that could be unlocked via Nintendo or a game cheat device); it now contains 493.

Sept. 9: On 9/9/99, Sega releases the Dreamcast, a technologically superior 128-bit system to the Nintendo 64 & Sony Playstation. It was the first internet-ready system (thanks to a 56k dial-up modem) and the first system to allow for voice-chat. Some of the popular titles, Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2, Soul Calibur, Space Channel 5, Jet Grind Radio and the Street Fighter III series. Production ended in March 2001 in lieu of the Oct. 2000 release of the Sony Playstation 2 (and it’s DVD playing capability) and Nintendo GameCube later in ’01.

Sept. 28: Sierra Entertainment releases Homeworld, a real-time strategy game, which was highly acclaimed. It won “Game of the Year Awards” from IGN, PC Gamer, and Well-Rounded Entertainment, as well at the E3 award for Best Strategy Games.

Sept. 17: Disney and Square team up to release Kingdom Hearts, a mash-up of the Disney and Final Fantasy universes, for the Sony Playstation 2.

Sept. 14: Fable is released for the Microsoft XBox. Many within the gaming community speculated that this game would be a “Zelda-killer”. However, it was widely criticized for its short gameplay length (astonishingly, around 10-15 hours).

Sept. 21: Star Wars Battlefront is released for the Sony Playstation 2 and the Microsoft XBox.

Sept. 22: Katamari Damacy is released for the Playstation 2. See the Beautiful Katamari review for more information.

Sept. 13: Electionic Arts releases Skate, the most popular skateboarding title since the Tony Hawk series, on the Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft XBox 360.

Sept. 25: Halo 3 is released by Bungie for the Microsoft XBox 360. It holds the record for the most pre-ordered game of all time.

Sept. 7: Spore is released for PC & Mac by Electronic Arts. By Sept. 13, it had become the most pirated game in history with over 500,000 downloads. By Sept. 24, it had sold over 1 million copies, with EA reporting 2 million copies after only three weeks.

Sept. 16: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the best-selling Star Wars game in history, is released for all major consoles and hand-held systems.

Sept. 23: Atari’s arcade classic Missile Command is released on the Apple Apps Store for the iPhone & iPod Touch for $5.

This Year So Far:
Sept. 9: Rock Band: The Beatles is released for the three major consoles. Enough said.

Sept. 22: Halo 3: ODST is released for the Microsoft XBox 360, three days short of being released on the two-year anniversary of the original Halo 3.


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