By Hans Wuerflein

Still don’t have a PS3 to try out the revolutionary (and by revolutionary I mean that it shows how depressingly far we have to go as a medium) Heavy Rain? Then how would you like a free, flash based alternative that’s actually more fun to play?

Yes? Then Press X to Jason is for you. It loses the graphics, but it keeps the gameplay, and that’s all that’s really important, right?

P.S. – I know this hit the net over two months ago, but I hadn’t done anything in a while and needed to do something to remind people this blog is here in time to get it going again along with the summer O’Colly. Look for more regular updates in the coming weeks.


Exclusively for PlayStation Portable
by – “Tiger” Oliver

…there really are none

This entire game

I’ll admit it, I’ve played some horrible games for the slightest chance of seeing some nudity – and I mean some horrible games.Remember BMX XXX? Yeah, I played the PS2 version (the one with all the censorship) just for the videos.

However, when it comes down to Pocket Pool, five minutes of gameplay proved too much for even my masochistic soul.
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By Hans Wuerflein

Ever wanted to help out some small but awesome video game studios and  make donations to some organizations that could really use it?

No?  Well, then you’re a jerk.

Everyone else needs to check out the Humble Indie Bundle.  Five great games, pay what you want, and decide what percentage gets split up between the game developers, Child’s Play, and the EFF.

The games included in the bundle are World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra: Overture.  All are DRM free and available for PC, Mac, or Linux.

This is a great deal for some great games and great causes and everyone needs to give it a look.


By Hans Wuerflein

Videogame blogs.  They really don’t have any sort of copy editing, do they?  (This one included.)

And someone is finally doing something about it!  Well, writing a blog pointing out the mistakes anyway. , listed here by its URL because I doubt The O’Colly’s guidelines would let me write out the full name of the site, is posting some of the more inane mistakes, typos, and general poor writing on the major gaming blogs.

I just hope he doesn’t get bored and look through here…


By Hans Wuerflein


MekTek, the new license holders for MechWarrior, have been given clearance by former publisher Microsoft and released MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries for free.

Awesome, right? Well, apparently everyone else thought so too, as their servers are aren’t looking to good (at the time of this posting anyway).

Well, luckily someone grabbed it before the servers went down and made a torrent.  Go here to download it.

You’ll need a BitTorrent program (like uTorrent) to actually download the game, and once the download completes you’ll have to change the file extension to a zip file.  (Go to rename, then just change the part after the period: “.zip”)

If you have any questions check the instructions on the above links or the MekTek Forums.